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We are delighted to have secured business with one of the world’s leading Coating Line Manufacturers for two separate projects in both the United States and South East Asia respectively.

Each system will enable the customer to automatically load rolls into their unwinds and automatically unload used cores with no operator interference.

SCM will utilize MoveRoll’s innovative horizontal conveyor to buffer rolls prior to being loaded into the unwind. The conveyor modules use standard pressure elements to transport rolls gently and safely in a rolling motion. During the whole transport process, the pressure elements control the motion and speed of the rolls.

The operator will deposit a roll onto the ramp, the roll will index down the ramp to the horizontal conveyor. The horizontal conveyor has the capacity to accumulate up to 5 rolls at a time.

The system retains the roll on the conveyor so that each module is automatically a buffering place. The controlling system makes it easy to accelerate, control the speed, break and lock the roll in place. The speed of the roll can be adjusted up to 1m/s and is under control all time.

Once a roll reaches the end of the conveyor it indexes onto the SCM steel slat infeed conveyor. The Zero Energy Receiver acts like a damper, cushioning the roll.

Rolls then index along the SCM steel slat conveyor onto our integrated cart and scissor lift and are loaded into the unwind.

Unwind core removal will be conducted by a KUKA KR240 PA Robot. Rewind core loading will also be conducted by a KUKA KR240 PA robot, an innovative approach to automatically loading the customer’s cores and ensuring all system functions remain fully automatic.

“This new partnership with a global market leader is further testament to SCM’s continued growth plans,” says Managing Director Jon Boulton.

To discuss how the team could assist you with your roll handing requirements please contact the sales team at

More robot orders for March Robot palletising is top of the agenda for SCM!