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Another SCM Reel Handling System is complete and ready to ship to the customer. The system is designed to remove the arduous task of manually handling reels of up to 160 kg but includes a whole host of primary and secondary benefits too.


Quality Assurance: the innovative vision system checks for tears in the product, ensures that end caps are present and quarantines reels that fail these checks

Precision/Consistency/Repeatability: Utilising the KUKA KR500 Fortec, the system places the product with mm accuracy in the stillage, every time.

Health & Safety: the removal of an operator from this process provides improved health and safety on the line. Operators can be re-deployed to more value added tasks.


Reels will come into the cell directly from the customer’s production line. The reels will be laying on their side and a scanner will confirm that the end cap has been fitted.

After scanning the process is complete, the reel will continue to the pick point lifters. The reel will be lifted to the barcode scanner where it is rotated so that the barcode is presented to the scanner and the barcode is read.

The reel is then now lifted to the ‘horizon’ scanners which check for:

  • No creases in the paper wrapping.
  • No tears in the paper wrapping.
  • End caps are present.
  • Labels are present and barcodes are readable.

The reel height is measured ensuring the reel is lifted to the correct height to be picked up. Once lifted and presented to the robt, the robot will insert the probe into the core and the pneumatic teeth will expand to grip the inside.

Once secure the robot picks up the reel, rotates it and places it into the stillage following the stack pattern loaded into the PLC. The barcode automatically determines the pallet pattern to be used.

The robot will keep picking and placing reels until the stillage is full. The stillage will then automatically be conveyed back out of the cell to the pick point for the forklift

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