Experts in providing manual solutions in line with health
& safety requirements.

The SCM Ecolift is one of the most flexible type of manipulators on the market, excellent in design with its rigid mast for working with cantilevered loads of up to 300kg.

The dual speed electric raise and lower ensure smooth and actuate load transfers, ideal for working with delicate products.

The Ecolift comes with options of floor mounted column design, overhead track mounted with powered drives for ease of operation.



Overhead crane applications using rigid SCM designed power tubes for accurate load positioning with laser control +/- .1mm of accuracy.

Standard crane wire rope systems both single fall and dual fall hoist applications fitted with bespoke end effectors.


Products of all sizes, weights and substrates need to be handled, SCM have a wealth of experience in the design of bespoke manipulators.

The manipulator is the key part of any handling application, and needs to be ergonomically designed for ease of operation, whilst complying with all current engineering directives applied to materials handling and machine building.